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GCE Trust

GCE Trust

About Us

Putting children’s futures at the heart of a connected community of learners.

The Gippeswyk Community Educational Trust is a partnership of schools located in Ipswich and surrounding areas.

We believe in enabling our students’ aspirations to be successful academically and socially.

We will unite to make the trust a happy, caring, safe and stimulating learning community, where children are encouraged to progress intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially.

We will develop responsible citizens who become confident individuals that evolve into naturally inquisitive independent learners.

We want our students to learn respect for themselves, others and the environment; to build relationships across the schools in a learning culture of collaboration and sharing.

We want students to have the courage to take risks in their learning and the resilience to cope with the challenges that result.

We will help students build their belief in their capability to determine their own futures.

We will provide and nurture staff to become the best workers, teachers and leaders within their communities so every child has the chance to be better educated as a result.

We will promote and employ leaders who have a core responsibility to develop effective leadership in others. Leaders who will support and challenge the contribution each school makes to the trust.

The trust believes in embracing challenge and celebrating success, helping to shape children’s futures by demonstrating our shared values of:

  • Collaboration
  • Partnership
  • Trust
  • Pride
  • Resilience

Alongside this, we respect the principled characteristics of each of the communities we work in and how they are reflected in bespoke school cultures. We welcome that diversity, celebrating the distinctive qualities of each of our schools whilst acknowledging that communities, to become sustainable, must develop and grow.

Gippeswyk Community Educational Trust will be our guiding light to that dynamic future. School improvement will be at the heart of every decision we take to promote the growth of the community. We will share that common purpose.

The trust will develop an educational delivery model that balances the autonomy of the trust with autonomy at school level.

We will seek to build relationships with other Multiple Academy Trusts and stakeholders regionally and nationally.

Building such relationships, as well as engaging with local authorities and Ofsted, will ensure the trust remains vibrant, innovative and informed to make the best decisions for its students.

Our guiding aims are that:

  • Each school is well led and governed.
  • Each student is expected to make progress at least in line with, and for many above, national expectations.
  • All teachers are motivated to be self-improving and aspire to be outstanding in all they do.
  • All lessons are at least good with many outstanding.
  • Each school has the support of its students, parents and the community.

In working together within and beyond the Trust, we believe in the clarity of what we can offer: that the alliance of our experience and expertise will provide safe, supported futures for our children.

Interested in Joining the Trust?

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